South Jersey Contractors Directory

South Jersey Contractors Directory

Hiring  a licensed General Contractors is the most important part of you home improvement project.  There are no shortage of contruction professionals claiming to be registered licensed South Jersey contractors. In fact most of these people that make these claims are not licensed professionals. Some may be a handyman and other may be very experienced with home renovation or familiar with the South Jersey area construction trades but do not have a licences.

The role of the general contractor is to over see the entire project that is being renovated or remodeled . They will then hire subcontractors to work on different aspects of your project. There is a individual subcontractor for everything the project entails wether its the Kitchen, Bathroom, the outside deck or putting Drywall or water damage in the basement, Storm Recovery to wiring lights in the living room by an electrician.

Below is a list of the most common types of subcontractors and the task that they maybe hired to do while working on your home.


Carpenters are responsible for: Exterior repairs like replacing Fascia Board, Siding, Column Base, Window Screens and Newel Post. They can also work on the Bathroom and Kitchen.


Electricians handle everything having to do with electricity.

Flooring Experts

Flooring experts install and repair all the flooring for the project.


Landscapers work on the outside of the home. The areas they work on are usually the front lawn or yards gardening and backyards grass and shrubs as well as trees.


Plumbers work in anywhere there s water or pipes in the home. They will be a very important part of your renovation. The Kitchen and the Bathroom are the two rooms in the house that are remodeled most often.


Having a good strong durable roof is an absolute necessity for any home owner. Roofer repair, install and maintain rowing systems keeping the home secure from the elements.

In conclusion the are many construction professionals that can possible be hired to work on your home improvement project. Above is just the most commonly hired South Jersey contractors that can also include experts in: Drywall, Stucco Repair, Water Damage, Storm Damage, HVAC, Vinly Siding, Painting and Cartage.